English Tea Room

The English Teacup has been a fixture at the same address on Havana Street in Aurora, Colorado for over 35 years, But as with times we must change…thus our new location on south Peoria. It was originally owned by Jeanne and Bennie Fox and growing up in the UK we were regular customers from the time I was assigned to Fitzsimons Army Medical Center in late 1986. Twelve years ago we heard that Jeanne was thinking about retiring and was ready to sell the shop and we asked if she would consider selling the shop to us and we became the new owners. Jeanne came back to work part time a few years and along with Pam, another long time employee, provide a great perspective of the shop.

For the most part we cater to the expatriates from the UK as well as, to a lesser extent, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa by trying to keep a little remembrance of their growing years in stock. Although our goods are primarily from the U.K., they still stir up memories for a lot of people.

Several years ago we expanded and opened a tea room serving lunches and afternoon tea from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. In addition we can offer parties for groups of 35-40 for those special occasions, i.e. bridal showers, baby showers, children’s tea parties, and Red Hatter teas. We have even hosted a small wedding, and have had several memorial teas and will always celebrate a Royal wedding or birth and Coronation whenever the opportunity arises.