English Tea Room

The English Teacup has been a fixture at the same address on Havana Street in Aurora, Colorado for over 40 years, But as with times we must change…thus our new location on 2271 S Peoria St. It was originally owned by Jeanne and Bennie Fox and with my mum and daddy growing up in the UK my parents were regular customers from the time my daddy was assigned to Fitzsimons Army Medical Center in late 1986. Sixteen years ago they heard that Jeanne was thinking about retiring and was ready to sell the shop and they asked if she would consider selling the shop to them and my mum Annette and daddy Gerald Cosentino soon became the new owners. Jeanne came back to work part time quite some years ago and still today works at the Teacup along with my friend Niki and our friend Kim. Those three can really work and have been great to me. I Claudia have worked for the Teacup for 14 years. I love my customers I love my background I love my job well, to me it is not really a job as it is more like an expensive hobby as my daddy would say. Well now it is my turn. My daddy passed away in July 2017. Although my whole family is still in shock from his sudden passing I decided that I had to keep going, as many obstacles are being thrown my way I have not given up! I couldn’t you see this was my mum and dads American dream it wasn’t easy for them and its not going to be easy for me but, I just couldn’t bare to think what all my customers that are much my family now would do without out their selection boxes, ribena, crisps and how my parents would put it. A nice taste of home. Sometimes I would be floored at how people would react when they first found us and stepped into the shop, Talk about a kid in a candy store it was more like heaven for them. For that one moment it took them back to some memorable days and you could tell by the look on their faces that made their day. So I wasn’t throwing in the towel or backing down when my daddy (my everything) passed away and I wasn’t going to let my mum give up neither. We soon after had some obstacles to hurdle over being at the end of our lease but my mum was my rock and my husband was my shoulder to cry on then my kids were always there cheering me on! Even when things got worst and I lost my husband their daddy twice all of them my kids, my mum, my friends just kept telling me it was all going to be okay. So with their strength I did not give up. My husband came back to us and fought hard to stay and I wasn’t ever going to give up on anything every again. I miss my daddy very much! If you didn’t have the chance in meeting him you missed out on meeting the kindest, funniest, smartest, and most incredible man I have ever known, a man who was just so happy and happy to be around someone who could have had life a million times better in a million different ways. Still he chose my mum he chose us kids James, Renee, Jason, and I. We were so incredibly lucky to have such loving and caring parents! 48 long years together and just because things didn’t turn out the way we planned doesn’t mean my mum dads dream ends nope Just a new one starts with me! who knows maybe my girls will keep my dream going one day.

So here we go or the most part we cater to the expatriates from the UK as well as, to a lesser extent, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa by trying to keep a little remembrance of their growing years in stock. Although our goods are primarily from the U.K., they still stir up memories for a lot of people.

Several years ago my parents expanded and opened a tea room serving lunches and afternoon tea from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. In addition we can offer parties for groups of 35-40 for those special occasions, i.e. bridal showers, baby showers, children’s tea parties, and Red Hatter teas. We have even hosted a small wedding, and have had several memorial teas and will always celebrate a Royal wedding or birth and Coronation whenever the opportunity arises.
Wink Wink Harry There is going to be another one to celebrate.

So stop on by sit chat for a bit and lets have a cuppa. I’ll leave the kettle on!