Whether you’re an Ex-Pat looking for a taste of home, or just a weary traveler looking for a hot cup and a hearty meal, all are welcome here at the English Teacup in Aurora, Colorado. For 35 years, we have been serving the people of Aurora and Denver authentic English cuisine along with a selection of imported treats to tickle your taste buds.

We even keep an ancillary tearoom where you can put up your feet and enjoy a cuppa’ char. A fine enough way to wash down a homemade scone generously slathered with clotted cream and jam.

Although internet sales are not our “cup of tea”, we have shipped supplies to valued customers all across the United States. So, buy a little reminder of home for yourself or someone you love.

If you can’t make it to the store contact us at (303)751-3032, and we will be delighted to take your order.

Authentic British Tea in Denver